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Patient Care

Contatto ensures exemplary CIED patient care from implant to in clinic and everything in between. 

A consolidated view of presenting rhythms, encounters and reports. Everything actionable and linked directly to EHR and billing systems.

Data and all its details 

From implant checklists to device recalls, tools to guarantee patient safety and well-being.

In depth device management

An experience tailored for the clinic

Prioritize and delegate tasks that allows your team to maximize its clinical work day. Tools to execute on patients’ most pressing needs while ensuring that care is administered to all in a timely manner. 

Everything Tech

Single sign-on

EMR integrated

HIPAA Compliant

Cloud or On Prem

Unlimited licenses

Human Centered Design

Ready to reclaim your clinic? Reach out to learn how our holistic cardiac device management platform can be integrated into your environment.

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